Hembury Gate Farm

Welcome Pack

Quick Start Guide

Check-out time is 10am.

Don't worry if you lock your key in the cottage ‐ we have spares and there's a key safe on the wall in the little out-building opposite the Stable and Hayloft.

WiFi: "Hembury_Guest" password "cottages".

The local pub in Sheepwash is friendly and serves good food ‐ worth a visit ‐ book if you are planning to eat. Often very busy 6-8pm Friday.

It is advisable to shower and remove cosmetics before using the hot-tub ‐ it may not be possible for us to maintain the water cleanliness if you don't.

We have security cameras with recorded video covering the driveways and parking area. The recordings are kept for 5 days only, then automatically deleted. There are no cameras in your private garden area.

You enter fields with livestock at your own risk (this includes our donkeys). Please ask our advice. You are welcome to feed the donkeys, but keep your hand flat when feeding and keep a close watch on both donkeys. There is a small risk of damage to cloths and potential for bitten fingers.

If you have a dog (or dogs) please make sure they do not enter fields with livestock. Note that sometimes gates are open between fields and cows may have access to a field that appears empty. Your dog may be in danger if it approaches these animals. Do not follow your dog if it starts chasing cows ‐ get out of the field and leave your dog. Most injuries to people caused by cows occur when dogs are present.

HolidayCottages.co.uk terms and conditions state that dogs must not be left in the cottage unsupervised and that dogs must be house trained.

Cover furniture with blankets if dogs are to sit on them, no dogs in bedrooms please.

Pick up all dog poo immediately.

There are often guests in the other cottages, please try to control barking.

Please scan the rest of this folder, in particular the hot tub info.