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The Shepherd's Hut Morso Forno outdoor oven

The Morso outdoor oven can be used as a BBQ, a pizza oven and much more.

We provide hardwood firewood (usually oak and beech) for use in the Morso oven. You may also use normal BBQ charcoal if you prefer. Please don't use the softwood provided for the hot tub ‐ this wood can spitt out embers, it also creates soot which may end up falling on your food.

You can use the Morso grill stand to BBQ food as you would a on normal BBQ. Pizzas can be cooked direct on the base stones once they are hot.

There are lots of guides on Youtube, here are a few by Manna from Devon Wood Fired Cooking School to get you going:


Curry‐spiced Mackerel

Manna's complete library

Morso UK's library