Hembury Gate Farm

Welcome Pack

Hot Tub Info

All our Hot Tubs are wood fired; the burner needs to be lit every time you use the tub. We'll help you get up to speed if you are not used to lighting fires.

Stir the water before checking the temperature.

Make sure you put the blue and white slow release chlorine dispenser in the water after you have used the tub.

We will provide all the firewood you need, at no extra charge. We make sure the wood is dry to help get a clean burn, but there will be some smoke, especially when the fire has just been lit, and when it is dying down. We try to keep the firewood restocked ‐ but if for some reason it's getting a bit low then just let us know ‐ there's plenty more.

Check the water level covers all the chrome fittings in the tub before lighting the fire.

When building the fire, or adding wood after it's lit, try to lay the wood in alternate directions to allow plenty of air flow. Make sure the vent in the fire box door is set to allow maximum air flow. You will need to keep the burner stoked until the water temperature is about 37C (there is a thermometer in the water). A few logs at the bottom of the burner will not be sufficient ‐ keep it well stoked. Most people have the water between 38C and 40C. Be careful, it is easy to overshoot and it takes a long time for the water to cool.

Typically, you can allow the fire to go out once up to temperature. We don't recommend keeping the fire burning whilst you are in the tub. Sometimes a little soot will be emitted from the chimney, so it's a good idea to keep the lid on until the fire has died down.

The Shippon and Stable cottage Hot tubs

The Shippon and Stable hot tubs have a fibreglass liner, and include water jets, bubbles and underwater illumination. There are 4 buttons on the side of the hot tub, 3 of these buttons are grouped together. These 3 buttons are your controls:

water jets

The jets can be rotated to control the flow (don't close more than a couple). Note that the jets will automatically switch off after about 10 minutes.

You can use the water jets to stir the water before checking the temperature. Run the jets for a few seconds and then check the thermometer.

There is a main power switch near the tub (Stable: by the gate, Shippon: on the central shed post). These hot tubs use an independent electrical earth to ensure your safety.

The lid folds in half, and then you can slide the two halves across onto the timber support.

Your firewood, kindling, newspaper, cardboard and lighters are stored in the out-building opposite the Hayloft cottage front door.

The Hayloft Hot tub

The Hayloft has a traditional Scandinavian style wooden hot tub.

Your firewood, kindling, newspaper, cardboard and lighters are stored in the out-building opposite the Hayloft cottage front door.

The Shepherd's Hut Hot tub

The Shepherd's Hut has a fibreglass lined hot tub.

Your firewood, kindling, newspaper, cardboard and lighters are stored in the cupboard on the back end of the Shepherd's Hut (outdoors).

Please place the lid on the decking when you are using the tub.

Hot tub safety

Your use of these hot tubs is at your own risk. We do not supervise hot tub use.

We chlorinate the water and usually check it every day. There is a floating slow release chlorine dispenser to help regulate the chlorine level. You may remove this when using the hot tub. Note that after checking the chlorine level we may remove the dispenser if the chlorine level is high enough. Always put the dispenser back in the water after using the tub.

We drain, clean, sterilise and refill the hot tubs for every guest. Please check that the tub cleanliness is to your satisfaction as soon as possible on your arrival (if there is a problem, let us know immediately and certainly before you enter the water). You must shower and remove cosmetics before you use the hot tub. If it becomes necessary to change the water there will be a £10 refill charge.

There is a chance that some types of jewelery may tarnish when exposed to chlorine.

Our hot tubs are not designed for use by children and we suggest you limit use to those over 18 years old. If you allow children to use the hot tub they must be supervised at all times. Please advise children that hot tubs are intended for relaxation. Do not sit on the side of the hot tub. Do not jump in. Do not put fingers or toes in the jets / nozzles. Do not swallow the water or place you head below the surface.

Help one another when entering and leaving the hot tub to avoid slipping and falling.

If you are pregnant or suffer from any of the following conditions, do not use the hot tub:

Open wound
Skin infection
Heart condition
Respiratory disease
Kidney disease
Impaired immune system
Fits or seizures

Other health conditions may also put you at risk. Hot tubs are not swimming pools, different health and safety conditions apply. Do not assume that your use of a swimming pool means you are fit to use a hot tub.

Do not remain in the hot tub for long periods. Official recommendations are for 15 minutes use followed by 5 minutes rest before re-entering.

When drinking alcohol please remember that you may experience additional dehydration.

It is important that you make your own assessment or the risks before using a hot tub. Note that we are not always at home and, in the unlikely event of a medical emergency, you may be on your own.

If you have a dog, please make sure it does not approach the hot tub.

Fairy Lights

The Stable fairy light switch is near the side gate, the Hayloft switch is on the outside wall by the back door, the Shippon barn light switch is on the central post.

The Shepherd's Hut outdoor light switches are on the wooden pillar by the hut door and inside the BBQ hut