Hembury Gate Farm

Welcome Pack


Shepherd's Hut Heating

Electric radiators and a wood burning stove are fitted to the Shepherd's Hut.

The radiators have a number of operating modes, we recommend that you select the ☼ mode and 3 or 4 on the temperature setting.

The indicator light shows the following:

Red: the radiator is on and heating
Green: the radiator is on and the room has reached the desired temperature

Select the ⏻ mode to switch off the radiator.

A full set of instructions on the use of these radiators is located in the water heater cupboard (lefthand end of the kitchen worktop).

You are welcome to use the wood burning stove, suitable wood can be found in the wood store, along with the hot tub firewood.

Stable, Hayloft and Shippon Heating

All the radiators in the cottages are fitted with Thermostatic valves. There are no central controllers. You can set the temperature of each room using the thermostatic valve on the radiator in the room.

The Shippon also has a wood burning stove. If you wish to use this, please use the firewood in the "Laundry & Firewood" out-building.