Hembury Gate Farm

Welcome Pack

Meet the Animals

Simon our very loving cat.

Our donkeys, Stanley & Morris, can usually be found in the stable yard or adjoining field ‐ they are happy to receive guests but make sure you shut the gate! Feel free to feed them apples, carrots etc. When feeding the donkeys, hold your hand out flat, otherwise you risk getting your fingers nibbled. Also note that the donkeys may attempt to nibble you and your clothes once you have started feeding them. Stay alert and watch their mouths.

Dolly, Molly, Polly & Dave (our sheep) have moved on (to join my cousin's flock).

Note the electric fence.

You enter the fields / stables at your own risk, livestock can be unpredictable and are easily startled. Dogs can cause livestock to charge ‐ please keep dogs well clear of all livestock. Most injuries to people occur when dogs are present.