Hembury Gate Farm

Welcome Pack

Covid 19

We have registered with the Visit England We're good to go scheme, which means we are doing our best to operate by Government and Visit England guidance.

We hope your stay will be as normal as possible but we do have to ask you to do a few things for us:

- We must ask that you strip the bed linen before your departure (sheet and pillow cases) and place them in the black bin bags provide. Please leave the bed and pillow protectors in place. We change the protectors for every guest as well as the linen so rest assured that you have a clean protector. Leave the black bag in the cottage when you leave.

- Please also place towels and robes in a black bin bag.

- Please let us have you names and contact details (Holiday Cottages already have this but we are required to keep records) ‐ email to Julie@hemburygate.co.uk ‐ text to Julie 07980 926181 ‐ or make a note on paper).

- If you develop symptoms while at Hembury Gate you must tell us and return home a soon as you are able.

Please note that we have removed a number of decorative items from the cottages ‐ so if things look a little bare ‐ that's why. This reduces the number of difficult to clean items.

We use bleach solution and detergent to clean all surfaces, door knobs etc (in fact we have always done this). We will leave you some detergent solution so that you can do the same if you wish.

There is a hand sanitiser for shared use in the car park (mounted on the corner of the Hayloft cottage).

Please observe social distancing as normal. There is no specific distancing procedure in place because there is plenty of space so you should not find that you are forced into close proximity to other visitors.

The hot tub water is changed for every guest, and the water is chlorinated ‐ this will ensure the water is safe. When we prepare the hot tub for you we sterilise surfaces before and after with a chlorine spray.

Check with local Pubs via Facebook etc for their procedures.

We usually provide a homemade cream tea, a few tea bags, some instant coffee and a small bottle of milk to get you going. If you prefer not to use these we will, of course, understand.

If you have any concerns please let us know and we'll investigate.