Hembury Gate Farm

Welcome Pack

Before you arrive

Don't forget, this is a self-catering holiday cottage. You will need to bring food, drink, toiletries, etc etc. There will be a new toilet roll in the bathroom - but you might like to bring more. Some of our guests arrange for a supermarket delivery, which works well ‐ but make sure you arrive before the delivery!

Make a note of your Netflix, Amazon, Apple, iPlayer etc etc login details.

You don't need to bring cooking utensils, knives, forks, plates etc.

If you will be using a Sat Nav to find your way here, there's a couple of things to note:

Many Sat Navs take a route that includes a particularly narrow road, it's fine, but there's a better way. Assuming you are coming from the A30, you'll find yourselves at a roundabout on the outskirts of Hatherleigh with about 15 minutes or 7 miles left to travel. Take a left here onto the A3072 (many Sat Navs will ask you to go straight on). Then let you Sat Nav recalculate.

The postcode (EX21 5PN) is actually about 250 metres beyond (north of) our entrance, so some guests miss us and drive by. If you end up at Hook Farm, you've gone past us. Keep an eye out for our driveway a little before your Sat Nav is telling you.

Whilst passing Hatherleigh - you might like to pop into the Co-op to get last minute supplies. This is the last supermarket before you arrive.

If you are coming with a dog, make sure you bring their basket, blankets and all your dog goodies. Have a look through the rest of this site and make sure you are familiar with dog arrangements.

We can book you a table at the local pub if you like ‐ just let us know. We can't guarantee you a table, but it's one less thing for you to worry about.