Hembury Gate Farm

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About Hembury Gate Farm

Like many of the farms in the parish of Buckland Filleigh, Hembury Gate Farm was a tenant farm and part of the Buckland Filleigh estate. In 1952, much of the estate land was sold at auction, with many of the farms being purchased by their tenants.

Hembury Gate continued to be run as a farm until the early ' 90s. Some members of the family that lived here during this period still live locally and have visited us to help piece together some of the history. .

A major redevelopment was completed in 1997. Some of the barns were converted to cottages, and these are now our holiday cottages; Stable, Hayloft and Shippon.

We believe mains water was connected during this renovation, previously water had been pumped from a well that can still be seen across the road from the driveway. A pipe from this well runs under the road and rises near the house (although we are yet to find it).

I purchased the property in 2014 and began a new round of renovations. We have installed a wood chip boiler in the big shed which provides hot water and heating for the cottages and the farmhouse. We have also renovated the cottage interiors ‐ including adding patio doors to all three.

We are now starting work on the farmhouse ‐ which is proving to be a considerable task.

My family have farmed locally for many years. My brother's farm can be seen to the north west from the car park and just to the east of this is a care home converted from another farm that is also run and owned by my family.